Torres Strait Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

  • Rhett Loban Macquarie University
Keywords: Virtual Reality, Indigenous, Aboriginal Australian, Digital Media, Art, Teaching, Education


Torres Strait Virtual Reality (TSVR) is a new and innovative way of learning and depicting a Torres Strait Islander experience. It provides access and insight into aspects of the Torres Strait culture, stories, customs, practices and viewpoints in a highly visual way through virtual reality. My game has sought to capitalise on the passions and enjoyment of video games held by our younger generation of adults and children to make learning a much more interesting journey. I hope TSVR has helped promote my community and the Torres Strait Islander culture to a wider audience and highlights our unique culture, traditions and history which few tend to know about. I provided the game as teaching material for several different and varying courses at the University of New South Wales engaging both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to share our knowledge and foster understanding of cultural diversity.

TSVR illustrates Indigenous environmental knowledge of seasonal, plant and animal life cycles and how this aligns with the island surroundings like the stars, constellations and the wind. The game also depicts several cultural aspects and phenomena in the Torres Strait such as Tombstone openings, trade between Papua New Guineans and the Torres Straits Islanders, traditional hunting practices as well as characters from Torres Strait stories and legends.

Author Biography

Rhett Loban, Macquarie University

Rhett Loban is an Associate Lecturer at the Department of Educational Studies at Macquarie University. He is also currently completing his PhD at the School of Arts and Media in the University of New South Wales. He is interested in the using new and unconventional technology such as video games and virtual reality for learning and teaching. He is a Mainland Torres Strait Islander born in Brisbane whose father is from Thursday Island in the Torres Straits and mother is from Dundee in Scotland.

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